Technical Bulletins - Biggen

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S20.6 - Feeding systems for piglets

There are, in general, two different systems: feeding milk next to the sow's milk or feeding piglets without the sow's milk up to weaning. In this bulletin we will discuss several different options for feeding next to the sow. 

S18.4 Management tools for surplus piglets

In this bulletin we discuss the management tools available to farmers for feeding surplus piglets and introduce our Pigipro ALFF system as a solution. 

S16.2 An excellent start for your piglets 

How to ensure the best start for young piglets, with extra attention to immunity development and enzyme production. 

S16.1 Investing in a good rearing system

An explanation of the importance of colostrum, gut health, dairy raw materials and lactose in the rearing of piglets. 

S13.2 The important energy source in prestarter for piglets. Recommendations of fat inclusion in piglet feed 

The effects of fat in piglet feed and our recommendations regarding fat and energy values. 

S12.2 The importance of lactose in milk replacers for piglets

The benefits of lactose in milk replacers for piglets explained with practical recommendations. 

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